Sex Therapy

Goals of Therapy

As a sex therapist, my goal is to help individuals and couples develop meaningful and pleasurable sexual relationships. I help clients to learn ways to express their sexuality that enhance not only their relationships but self-esteem as well. Sometimes that involves overcoming a sexual dysfunction, finding ways to communicate better with a partner or delving into the origins of one's anxieties and fears.

Sexual Difficulties

Depending on the issues for which you are seeking help, sex therapy can include treatment for a wide range of sexual problems. Common dysfunctions include: difficulties in the sexual response, erectile dysfunctions, rapid or inhibited ejaculation, female arousal or orgasmic disorder, vaginismus, (inability to permit penetration) dyspareunia (painful intercourse), and disorders of sexual desire (either too high, too low or discrepancies between partners).


Often, sexual concerns may be the due to anxiety regarding your sexual behavior, or the sexual behavior of your spouse/partner. When concerns regarding fetishes, sexual interests, and/or sexual addictions/compulsions exist, they can often be addressed and resolved in treatment as well. At other times sexual problems can be the result or effected by medical conditions. Referrals can be made to a physician if needed. In addition, we can explore sexual difficulties from the perspective of your relationship. Usually, sexual problems cannot be fully resolved when a relationship is troubled without addressing the relationship difficulties. Thus, building a healthier relationship along with more satisfying sex is often our focus. The therapeutic setting we create is a caring and supportive environment where both partners feel safe discussing their most intimate problems.


Treatment is tailored to the particular needs of each individual or couple. Once you understand the cause(s) of your difficulties, we work on eliminating them. You may need some vital information or education on ways to communicate better with your partner. Sometimes we need to resolve pasted hurts or delve into and resolve the origins of your fears or anxieties. Once you resolve the issues, you can experience a healthy relationship and enhance your pleasure. I often prescribe homework exercises for individuals and couples, since lasting change occurs at home as well as in the therapy hour.

While therapy is often short term, my mission is to help you achieve results that are long term and permanent.

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